Using the Prestige theme, I’ve created a beautiful Shopify store with a focus on elegance and style. The first feature I’d like to highlight is the custom filter on the collection page. It’s a game-changer for browsing through our curated selection of clothing items. You can easily use color swatches and product range filters to find exactly what you’re looking for.

On of the features of the Prestige theme we can find the custom filter on the collection page. Experience the joy of effortless browsing as you explore our curated selection of exquisite clothing items. With the magic of color swatches and product range filters, finding your perfect outfit has never been easier.

product filter

Another interesting feature that I’ve incorporated is the “Shop the Look” dynamic product selector. It’s such a cool concept! Instead of traditional product selection, you can now explore complete outfits put together by our fashion experts. It’s all image-based, making it super visual and inspiring.

product picker